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Take a look at what our customers think!

Calrec Audio Ltd
Manufacture high quality broadcast production and live to air audio mixing consoles. Major exporter to markets in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

“Without EMPulse, it took three days to complete the investigation  into one immunity problem. It was many months between the  customer first raising the issue and a fix being available - with negative effect to our reputation. This could have been entirely avoided at minimal cost had a unit such as the EMpulse been available during the design and prototype stage.”(John Haughton of Calrec Audio)

The Actaris Group
The Actaris group, is the  metering division of Schlumberger with a significant presence in Europe, Asia and South America.

“I have discussed EMpulse with  my director and experienced hardware engineers and am happy  to endorse it as a tool that is of significant benefit  in detecting whether a product is susceptible to EM fields  and robust to ESD.”(Richard White, Project Manager, Actaris Metering Systems)

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